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Unique VIP Package Experiences

Direct to Your Fans

Unique VIP Package Experiences

+ Work with the Colortest Live team to design a custom-branded VIP Experience for your fans
+ Easily integrate your merchandise sales with your VIP Package Experiences
+ Maximize fan engagement, data collection, and revenue while building a relationship with your biggest fans

Our team will work with you to build and sell VIP Experiences that fit your brand, values, and schedule. From pre-show Meet & Greets to private concerts and hang-out parties: the Colortest Live team is here to help you provide memorable experiences for your fans!

Integrate Colortest Live directly into your website or web-store to easily host VIP Package Experiences

Colortest Live will handle all communication to fans, venues and tour managers.

Our in-house customer support team is here to ensure your fans have an easy, seamless, and engaging VIP experience.

Set up is quick and effective with Colortest Live! We'll work together to design the perfect package - and our team will handle the rest:
+ Set Up & Venue Coordination
+ Inventory Management
+ Point of Sale
+ Customer Communicaiton
+ Data Exports for Your Team Members

VIP Experience packages have provided bands hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in additional revenue.
Colortest Live provides you with the team and tools necessary to capitalize on this expanding market.